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Problems to pay the entry fee for the Swedish Championship Dragon class

19 JUL 2017 08:23
We have understood that some people experience problems to pay the entry fee in the webbshop. Please follow the actions here ->
  • Uppdaterad: 25 APR 2018 21:55

If you experince problems with MSS webbshop you need to register by e-mail to:This is a mailto link

In this mail we need to have the following information:

                      Sail no.


                      Address e.g. street, city, country                                                         

                      Cell phone



                      Insurance company

                      Name of crew 1

                      Name of crew 2

                      Please enter preferred launching time in full hour eg. 13.00           /14.00/15.00/16.00/17.00 or 18.00. (Only one hr. should be entered.)

If there are problems for non-Swedish participants to entry via the homepage www.mss-shop.se You can transfer the fee to the account of MaSS. 


Bank: Handelsbanken

IBAN: SE20 6000 0000 0003 8425 8018          



For Swedish participants you can use Swisch. No: 1235219639

You need to add "SM Drake 2017" and your sail number so we can track the payment.

Skribent: Marcus Blomberg
Epost: Adressen Gömd






Marstrands SS - Segling
Box 21
44219 Marstrand

Tel: 0708138445
E-post: kontakta@marstrandss...

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